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13th Feb 2016

If You’re Hoping For A Proposal Tomorrow You Might Be Out Of Luck

V-Day just ain't where it's at anymore

If you’re in a long-term relationship and both you and your partner are into the idea of marriage, chances are there may be a sense of…expectation around events tomorrow.

You would imagine that Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for a proposal, and outstrips the competition because well, it’s sort of the designated day for it isn’t it?

 The Independent report that V Day is actually the fourth most popular day for that particular question to be popped.

Facebook analysed 2.6 million users and monitored how their relationship statuses changed, which is a bit too creepy to think about but anyway.

Despite the growing trend towards Christmas proposals, 29% of women surveyed said they would prefer a Valentine’s proposal.

This sort of makes sense, maybe people just think Valentine’s is that teeny bit too obvious now.

Lead Image via IMDB