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03rd Oct 2023

‘I lost €1.1k in Taylor Swift ticket scam thanks to my ex – I think he should reimburse me’

taylor swift

Now this former couple has bad blood.

A woman found herself in a terrible situation when she tried to do something nice for one of her daughters which she shares with her ex-husband Sam.

The 13-year-old named Amy is a big Taylor Swift fan and wanted to attend her Eras Tour but things quickly went south when her dad and his current wife got involved.

Telling the story on Reddit the anonymous mother wrote: “The other day, Sam messaged Amy to say that his current wife, ‘Liz’ had a friend on Facebook who was selling tickets. Amy called me very excited asking if we could buy the tickets.”

She was aware of several ticket reselling scams going around on the internet and asked her daughter to double-check with Liz and Sam that they trusted the seller but they insisted it was alright because they weren’t some “random” person.

So the woman sent over €1,100 to the seller through a bank transfer and though she admitted this was “silly” when the person said they needed to transfer another €380 she did.

But the person she sent the money to wasn’t Liz’s friend at all. “Liz messaged me to say she thought it might be dodgy, but it was too late. I later found out that Liz had seen the original post on a FB mum’s group, NOT posted to her friend’s personal page who she’d been connected to for years.”

Her bank did bock the first transfer of €1,100 due to it being a large sum of money but the extra €380 she sent was gone and now she’s looking for her ex-husband to reimburse her for at least half.

When she said this to him he replied: “I don’t think so. I know you got scammed and that’s unfortunate, but all we did was put you in touch with someone we thought had tickets.”

Of course, her fellow Redditors who came across the post gave their opinion and called out her ex for not taking responsibility for the part he played.

“It’s all well and good to say they feel terrible about it, but now that you are asking for him to cover some of the actual cost of their mistake, it’s suddenly your fault, not theirs? He absolutely should cover at least some of what you lost,’ penned one.

“He put you in touch AND assured you it was safe. He is the reason you got scammed. Though, maybe only ask for half. He might be more willing to pay for it that way,” commented another.

A third individual wrote: “He would be liable in a court of law for introducing you to the seller and affirming their legitimacy. And, why isn’t he paying half for his daughter’s enjoyment to start with?”