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13th Jan 2022

Home: the 6 macro design trends that are going to be huge in 2022

The trends to watch out for this year.

New Year, new coat of paint for the house?

If you’re an interior design enthusiast like myself, constantly making Pinterest boards and collecting magazine cuttings, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for these design trends in 2022.

1. Up-cycled design

Demand for sustainable design continues, and crafting and upcycling is on the uprise – lead by TikTok and Pinterest with crazes such as rug making, embroidery, furniture hacks and upcycles, and vegetable dip dyes.

In an upcoming collection, wallpaper company Hovia will be reusing paper offcuts to create some crafty mural designs. As well as continuing efforts to become carbon negative and make all of products and processes even more sustainable.

2. Japanese influence continued

Japanese style will continue to trend and evolve with the influences of Japandi, Konmari, the Tokyo Olympics and anime pushing its growth.

Design elements will include monochromic designs, light coloured wood furniture, neutral tones and marbling.

3. Shape and form

We’re seeing an evolution in this trend from angular large-scale shapes to smoother shapes in more natural colours.

A massive amount of Etsy searches this year have been for ’patchwork prints’ so we can safely say graphic prints and texture will become a big trend this year.

4. Biophilic design

Soft, light botanicals are always trending in some way. There is a huge market for botanical products, especially in interiors and print.

Delicate drawings and watercolour paintings of botanical studies look popular for 2022.


5. Stripes nouveau

Stripes are always in vogue.

This design trend will evolve to celebrate iconic French design – including Breton stripes and Gingham patterns.

6. 90’s Nostalgia

2022 looks like the year that many of us will tap into retro and mid-century aesthetics with items that cater to a 90s nostalgia.

Patrick Metzger calls this decorating trend the ‘Nostalgia Pendulum’: Retro for kids, nostalgic for adults.