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17th Jul 2015

Here’s What Happened When a Homeless Man Asked a Passer-by to Take His CV

A reminder that there is good left in the world.

A handwritten CV shared on Twitter might have turned life around for one homeless man in Liverpool. 

Student Aaron O’Dwyer took to the social networking site on Tuesday to share the note, in which 20-year-old Jordan Lockett pleaded for help.

The note reads:

“I’m sick of wasting away now, 

“I’m always being told to go to homeless centres but there not helping,

“I think it’s because they need a job for one and because I’m young and fit and no dependencies I’m on the bottom of the priority list but this is killing my mental health.

“I write my C.V’s like this because I don’t have anything to put on it,

“I worked as a motorbike mechanic for 2 years but that was from the start of year 9 to the end of high school on a course and my boss stopped picking me up 2ish weeks before I was supposed to finnish and left me with no grades or experience proof,

“Very fast learner and hard worker

“Can I afford not to be?

“Any chances?” [SIC] 

The tweet was subsequently shared over 2,800 times and brought some much needed good fortune to Jordan.

The Liverpool Echo reports that one businessman in the city, who preferred to remain anonymous, had found the young man a bed to sleep in for his first time in months. He spent his nights at a city centre hotel on Thursday before meeting with people today, Friday, who have come forward to offer him several job interviews.

The businessman said: “Me and my wife wanted to do something to help – he’s just a young lad.

“The fact his CVs were all handwritten really stood out to me – he’s taken a lot of time to try and change his situation.

“I’m hoping to talk to him tomorrow about working for me and see where we go from there.”