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23rd Dec 2015

Here’s The Number One Reason Couples Fight In The Run Up To Christmas

Have you had words yet?


No, it’s not your in-laws, bad presents, or the sight of their ex on Christmas Eve.

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year.

But it can also be the most stressful, prone to arguments, trying to balance your expenses season that can leave you on the verge of a breakdown.

So it’s probably not surprising that the number one cause for relationship fights at Christmas are finance related.


A new study, the Harris Interactive poll, found that of 1,000 adults interviewed in relationships, the average couple had three arguments a month thanks to their finances.

While half of the survey participants said they argued mostly about unexpected expenses, a further 32 per cent said the arguments were about insufficient savings – which can add to the pressure of an already expensive time of year.

So what’s the best way to battle a currency conflict?

Relationship psychologist Les Parrott is quick to point out that while the money might seem like the main issue, it’s really a fear that’s fuelling that fight.

Couple in a fight

Writing for Relevant magazine, Parrott explains:

“Instead of fighting over the amount of money that was spent on who-knows-what, shift the focus toward what really matters: (1) your fear of not having influence in important issues impacting your life, (2) your fear of not having security in your future, (3) your fear of having no respect shown for your values, or (4) your fear of not realizing your dreams.”

While it might sound like a serious enough topic while you’re topping up the mulled wine, some open conversation now might heal some relationship rifts come Stephen’s Day when you check the bank balance.