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05th Sep 2018

Here’s the dirtiest place in an airport and where to avoid if you don’t want to get sick

Jade Hayden

Pure rot.

Look, there have been many times in our lives where we’ve assumed that the dirtiest place you could ever be is a toilet and every single time we’ve been wrong.

Toilets are clean enough, lads.

They are regularly scrubbed, there’s a load of bleach involved, people don’t tend to ignore them when they’re cleaning about the place.

It’s grand like, we need to move on with our lives.

A few places that generally are quite dirty though are the likes of the hand dryer in the bathroom, your reusable water bottle, and gym bags.

Another one of these places is the trays that you find in airports because, you know, hundreds of people are sticking all of their belongings in there every hour of the day so they’re bound to get a it grimy.

So grimy, in fact, that they’re dirty enough to make you super sick if you interact with them.

Which isn’t the best news when you sort of have to engage with the airport trays if you want to go past security and actually go on your holidays but sure look.

Preventing the spread of these germs is possible though (obviously) through doing things like washing your hands after you cough and sneeze into them, as well as using tissues and handkerchiefs.

Just don’t spread your viruses around lads.

Be smart.