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08th May 2023

Brian Dowling in tears over emotional goodbye before airport nightmare

Sophie Collins

Brian Dowling with husband, Arthur, and baby Blake

“I am an emotional wreck”

Brian Dowling was left in tears over the weekend as he headed for the airport, leaving Arthur and baby Blake behind to continue their holiday in the South of France.

It was a chaotic day for the dad-of-one who was flying home in time for work commitments and they shared their emotional goodbye online.

Arthur took to Instagram and said: “We are saying bye to daddy and daddy is already all emotional, he’s been crying.”

Brian, who was in tears at this point, said: “You’re going to make me cry again”. He then hugged baby Blake and added: “Oh my god, bye bubba”.

Explaining why he was so emotional, Brian then took to his stories and said: “I am an emotional wreck, I have just said goodbye to Arthur and Blake because I am back on radio tomorrow and the rest of the week.”

He went on to tell his fans what was adding to his stress on the day of his travels and said: “I think I get emotional at airports probably because of my mum and what happened and I think I have a fear that something bad will happen.

“Which is ridiculous at 45 and a parent. And just saying goodbye to her until next week – it’s just emotional.

“I’m trying to be practical with it, but yea airports since 2018 and leaving my daughter and husband.”

Brian was referring to his struggles with grief since his mother’s death in 2018. She passed away from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.


Things then went from bad to worse for the star, when he was evacuated from the airport for an unknown reason.

He returned to his stories and said it was a security issue, but it was never confirmed to passengers in the airport.

He said: We were at the boarding gate and we were told we had to leave the boarding gate.

“Apparently we now have to evacuate the whole airport because there is either an issue with someone’s bag or someone has gone through the airport without going through security.

“So there is a security issue so we have to leave the airport and I think the airport is closed.”

Fans were left wondering whether or not Brian made his flight and he later updated them to say that he was allowed back into the airport.

Once he was sitting on the plane he explained: “We still don’t know what the problem was, but it is what it is.

“But yes, all good and this has been a fabulous distraction from all of the tears.”


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