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25th Apr 2019

The average millennial has apparently had sex with this many people

Jade Hayden


Look lads, sex is alright.

It’s so alright, in fact, that people do it a lot – and people should be able to have as much sex as they like with as many people as they like as long as that sex is consensual and everybody has a nice time.

It’s grand.

However, new research has thrown down some numbers about millennials, their sex lives, and some other things and the results are pretty interesting so we may as well go with it.

sex lives

Research conducted by healthcare company euroClinix shows that us millennials (aged between 22 and 37) have had an average of 11.6 sexual partners so far in our lives.

Break it down by gender and you’ll see that women have had 10.8 sexual partners and men have had 13.4 – allegedly.

Compare this to Generation Z (aged between 38 and 53) and the number drops considerably, with the average G-Zer having slept with 13.1 people so far in their lives, meaning that their number may have been a lot lower than a millennial’s was when they were that age.

Or they just settled down at the age of 38 and that was it for them.

Either or.

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Overall, the majority (25 percent) of participants (of all ages) said that they had slept with between two and four people over the course of their lives.

14 percent have had one sexual partner, and two percent claimed that they had had sex with an impressive 91 or more people in their lives.

Where would you get the time like, honestly?