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20th Sep 2023

Molly-Mae Hague praised for opening up about low sex drive

Molly-Mae’s followers praised her for being so honest.

Molly-Mae Hague’s followers have been praising the influencer after she opened up about having a low sex drive. The Love Island star appeared in her sister Zoe’s latest YouTube video where they discussed the topic.

Molly-Mae said she rarely hears women talk about having low sex drives and wanted to be honest about it.

She told her viewers, “I don’t think I’ve ever really heard anybody speak about this topic.”

Her sister Zoe added, “I think low sex drives in females are a lot more common than you think.”

Molly-Mae said it is so important to talk to your partner about this.

“I remember when I was pregnant and I wanted to have sex all the time and Tommy didn’t I was like ‘oh do you not find me attractive?”

“But I always say to Tommy if I’m not feeling it, ‘it’s nothing to do with you it’s a me problem.”

She explained, “I look at Tommy with no clothes on and I’m so attracted to you, but me doing that does not make me suddenly think, ‘Jump on me, I want to have sex!'”

Her followers were so impressed by how real and honest Molly was.


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“I absolutely LOVE how you guys addressed low sex drive. I have been feeling this way for years and to hear you talk about it and how you feel the same, is so relatable.”

Another said, “The conversation around low sex drive in women is so refreshing. I’ve spent so long thinking something was wrong with me and to hear that it seems to be a common/shared experience is really reassuring.”

“I’ve never heard anyone speak about/normalise low sex drive in a relationship before. So refreshing to hear you girls speak about it, thank you,” another added.