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07th Apr 2017

Here’s how to find out who deleted you on Facebook

That settles that.

Who deleted me?!

An app, available oniTunes and as a plug-in for Firefox and Chrome browsers, can tell you who unfriended you on Facebook *takes phone out of pocket*

Developed by Exeter-based Anthony Kuske, it also shows how many friends you have and if any of your friends have deactivated their accounts.

who deleted me

Who Deleted Me has been around for a while but it’s doing the rounds of the internet again and of course, everyone has a niggling suspicion about who might have deleted them on Facebook.

Before you go and immediately install it there is one drawback which is that you can only see who has deleted you after you’ve installed it.

Still, it could come in very handy… particularly if you’ve noticed your Facebook friends dwindling in recent times.