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30th Oct 2018

Here’s how to get over a breakup, according to science

Jade Hayden

how to get over a breakup

Getting over a breakup is not easy.

But thanks to science, it might have just gotten a little bit easier.

Researchers in the US believe they have discovered foolproof ways to make a person feel happier after a relationship ends – and yeah, we’re listening.

A small study conducted at the University of Missouri – St. Louis has revealed that there are a few strategies to consider when trying to get over someone.

First is to force yourself to think negatively about an ex.

Second is to tell yourself that it’s OK to still be in love with someone who you’re no longer in a relationship with.

Third is to distract yourself by thinking of positive things that do not involve the person you’ve just broken up with.

Fourth is to think about anything at all that isn’t your ex.

Participants were showed photos of their exes and told to engage with each of the strategies to see what worked best.

Their emotions were recorded on an electroencephalogram and they were also asked how they were feeling – all of the strategies successfully allowed participants to decrease their emotional responses to the images.

While thinking negatively about an ex didn’t make people feel happier, distractions did, so if you’re really struggling, just think of happy things that don’t involve whoever broke your heart.


Now, this study did only include 24 people who were suffering from broken hearts, so it’s highly likely that what worked for those people may not work for you.

After all, every relationship is different and every breakup is even more different too.

Still though, any excuse to think negatively about an ex, are we right?