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30th Oct 2015

Health Organisation Reveals Processed Meat Cancer Report Was ‘MisInterpreted’

Has someone been telling porky-pies?!

The World Health Organisation has sought to clarify last week’s report linking processed meats to cancer.

The organisation has now said that the report was “misinterpreted” and that it is not necessary to stop eating processed meats altogether.

The message comes after a report last week equated meat like bacon, ham and sausages to tobacco, asbestos, alcohol and even arsenic.

The report linked the consumption of meats including beef, lamb and pork to higher risks of pancreatic and prostate cancer.

Speaking to the Irish Times, Gregory Härtl, a spokesman for WHO, explained how the message was “misinterpreted”.

He explained: “We’re not saying stop eating processed meats altogether. Do not cut out meats completely as it has nutrients,”

“But we do not want to do anything to excess. Research indicates reducing your consumption of processed meats can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.”

“We do not want to compare tobacco and meat because we know that no level of tobacco is safe,”

According to the  International Agency of Research on Cancer, about 1 million cancer deaths per year are linked to tobacco smoking, and 34,000 are linked to diets high in processed meat.

Härtl is “Eat healthily means eating a balances diet, too much of anything is not good.”

Phew, bacon is back on the menu… in case you needed reminding, here’s why we love bacon so much.