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27th Mar 2018

Is this the guiltiest dog in the world? He certainly looks like it

There’s no hiding it.

The term poker face is given to the facial expression used to hide someone’s true feelings. It is not a term that you’d use for Charlie the dog.

Coming home from work, Bubba Atkinson was welcomed with the contents of his bin being emptied across the floor. With only one possible suspect, Bubba turned to his gorgeous dog, Charlie, to see if he was to blame.

The answer – of course he was.

Filming the moment he questioned Charlie about his possible guilt, the footage has obviously become a viral sensation and for good reason.

“Can you tell if Charlie got in the trash?” reads the caption on the sweet footage.

However, the story took an upsetting twist when Bubba revealed that he was going to surprise Charlie with a trip to go swimming before finding the rubbish all over the floor.

Cue hundreds of volunteers willing to take the blame so that loveable Charlie could go for a paddle.

The public pleas were heard by Charlie’s owner who eventually cracked and took the beaut swimming anyway.

That’s a happy ending, if we ever saw one.