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07th Oct 2017

This groom exposed his bride’s cheating in a video at their wedding reception

There's petty, and then there's this.
This has just been named the 'most overdone' wedding trend - and we have to agree

Bit awks.

Would you marry someone you thought had cheated on you just so you could show them up on the big day?

That’s exactly what one very vengeful groom did recently when he let his bride know that’d he’d found out about her antics – in front of several hundred of their closest family and friends.

A couple from Singapore were celebrating their wedding day when things took a twist.

A video the groom played at the wedding reception first showed a montage of the couple’s love story but it suddenly jumped to footage of the bride sneaking into a hotel room with another man.

The video also showed the bride and this man getting ‘intimate’, The Mirror reports.

It turns out the groom had suspicions about his bride-to-be and had hired a private investigator to catch her out in the run-up to the wedding.

The PI, known as Ms Zhuo tracked the woman and passed on the information she gathered to the groom but was surprised to learn that the wedding was going ahead.

She was even invited to the big day, and told local media that the bride was shocked when the video played.

She was humiliated (eh, obviously) and ran out of the room, Ms Zhuo said.

Now clearly, we wouldn’t condone cheating, especially when you’re just about to marry someone else, but this seems a tad severe…

We’re not sure who had a lucky escape there, to be honest.