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30th Mar 2021

GP couple postponed their wedding so they could administer Covid-19 vaccines

Stephen Porzio

Many praised the couple on social media for their sacrifice.

A GP couple have revealed they postponed their wedding so that they could administer Covid-19 vaccines to Ireland’s most vulnerable last weekend.

Brian King and Sinéad Cronin were due to get married on Saturday but spent the day innoculating members of the public.

Sinéad posted on Twitter: “My feet should be sore from dancing at my wedding this evening, but instead sore after a packed vaccine clinic.

“As a wise woman told me – anyone can get married, but not everyone can vaccinate.

“Such a privilege. Our day will come.”

Meanwhile, Brian posted this picture of his work station, with the caption: “Not the wedding day we expected”.

Among the many who commended the couple for their sacrifice on social media was the Irish Medical Organisation, who praised them for their dedication.

The medical organisation wrote: “What dedication! Amazing GP couple @greyhaireddoc and @ShinnersCro were due to marry today but postponed the big day so they could vaccinate our most vulnerable.”

Meanwhile, another person to pay tribute to the GP couple was presenter Ryan Tubridy.

Speaking on his RTE Radio show about the pair, he said: “A wedding is waiting for you, that cake is waiting for you, the honeymoon is waiting for you.

“It’s all going to happen so hold tight and thank you for what you’re doing because it’s really important.”

Image via Irish Medical Organisation