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26th Jun 2018

Green Party ask Lidl to NOT sell pools next week; Lidl selling them anyway

Olivia Hayes

Listen, we get it.

There’s nothing better than chilling in a pool when its +20C outside and you have a pint in hand. Sure, it’s basically like you’re in Malaga or something, right?

Yep, it’s all well and good.. until the water runs out.

The Green Party is currently asking people to conserve water during the heatwave, and are not too happy with Lidl planning on selling garden pools next week.

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It’s the perfect time to sell a pool, tbh… however, Green Party leader Eamon Ryan is urging Lidl ‘to play their part’ in conserving water in Ireland.

According to Dublin Live, he said: “It’s very tempting with this warm weather. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be lounging around in a pool?

“But we’re all running short on water. We’ve got to be careful.

“We could go into a long dry spell and if we do this summer, we’re going to really have to be very careful how we use it [water].

“So I think Lidl should play their part. I think they should pull those pools. It’s not the right time to be doing it.”

However, Lidl told 98fm that there is a filter in the pool which cleans the water, meaning once you fill it, you won’t have to change the water until the end of summer.