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10th Apr 2018

Girl saves a squirrel’s life by remembering one particular scene from The Office

Olivia Hayes

This is pretty heartwarming.

If you watched The Office then you will remember the infamous scene that Michael & Co had to go through first aid training.

When they were giving CPR on a dummy, the technician told them to sing Staying Alive by the Bee Gees, and since it aired all those years ago, it will always be a hilarious scene to remember.

Well, that scene came in very handy for a student who found a squirrel drowning on her university campus.

Natalie Belsito from Central Michigan University found the little animal on the verge of death, and decided to give it CPR to the tune of the Bee Gees song.

One passer-by decided to film the whole thing and since then the clip went viral.

Speaking to the Central Michigan Life Natalie said:

I couldn’t just leave it, you know?​

It definitely was drowning because it was really slow when we saw it and it started to dip its head under the water.

I went down there with a hockey stick to try to pull it out, but that wasn’t really working.

Honestly, when I was doing it, I was thinking of the episode of “The Office” when they do CPR.

I was literally singing that song as I tried to do it.

Natalie then brought it back up to her dorm room and warmed it up, making sure it was back to its full strength. She and her friends then released it back into its natural habitat.