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27th Dec 2017

Frisky Festivities: Sexy ways to burn off the Christmas calories

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We don’t know about you but when Christmas rolls around every single year we always tend to eat way more than we normally would. Maybe we’re just weak but we find it super-hard to say no to a slice of Christmas cake and a turkey sandwich whenever anyone offers them to us.

Did you know that the average Christmas dinner contains a massive 3,500 calories? Given that the average recommended daily calorie allowance for women is only 1,500, that’s a hell of a lot of extra food.

Christmas is great and everything but it can wreak havoc on your waistline. Fortunately, there is a solution that will not only give you a major mood-boost, it’ll also help you burn off those extra calories.

Rather than dragging yourself to the gym post-turkey, why not grab your man and have a long, steamy sex session every single day until New Years?

We all know that sex has dozens of benefits; it burns calories, it tightens and tones your muscles, it makes your skin glow, it boosts your mood and your immune system and, and, it can stop you from getting wrinkles. Eh, sounds a hell of a lot better than spending an hour in the gym, right? We think so!

Rather than hitting the gym, why not cuddle up with your man instead?

According to research, the average sex session burns 298 calories an hour. Putting this into perspective, it means that it would take you about 11 hours to burn off your Christmas dinner. Now, don’t look at us like that! We’re not suggesting that you do the horizontal tango for a day straight (think of the chafing!). Instead, we’re proposing that you break these 11 hours down into hour long chunks and use sex and a small bit of proper, boring exercise to help you work off that turkey.

If you go for a walk every single day over the festive period you can expect to burn 100 calories for every mile you walk (this is just a general rule of thumb, depending on your speed there is the likelihood that you’ll burn off more calories).  You can compliment this exercise by having sex.

Aside from sexual intercourse itself, the following activities will help you to burn off even more calories when you’re in bed.

A sexy massage burns upwards of 80 calories an hour. If you’re up for a challenge, an hour of oral sex will burn 200 calories. And, if you use your hands while you’re engaging in some foreplay, you could burn another 100 extra calories every single hour. Not bad, right?

We don’t know about you, but given the choice we’d definitely opt for sexercise over normal, boring exercise every single time. Merry Christmas!