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25th Mar 2014

Fourteen-Year-Old Gives Cop A Ticket And Fine For Disobeying The Law

So brave.

If you think you’re a badass, you might need to check this girl out. 

Fourteen-year-old Annie James found a police car parked in a clearly marked fire lane so she pulled out a piece of notebook paper and on it wrote the policeman a ticket. She also added a fine of $10 to go to the manager of the store next to where he was parked. 


The local Texas officer Tommy King responded to the note with a sense of humour. “I thought it was neat that she made it for $10 but she didn’t make it to herself,” King said.

Instead of paying that fine, King and the office manager both chipped in to give the teenager a $40 gift certificate to a toy store.

Maybe don’t try this if you aren’t fourteen and adorable.