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11th Aug 2017

7 foods every Irish student misses on their J1

You will DEFINITELY relate.

Brought to you by HB Ice cream.

Oh how we loved our J1.

It brought with it the opportunity to escape, the absolute craic, the first real taste of freedom… but also a serious lack of decent food and the realisation that some things at home just can’t be beaten.

Anyone who has been away from home for those long fun-filled months knows very well that those cravings for home grown goods can easily run WILD.

Here are some of the delightful nibbles and beverages we missed the MOST.

Crisps NOT chips

Whatever brand you have chosen as your favourite – those crispy, delectable, mouth-watering treats were surely missed. Those ‘chips’ just aren’t the same!


Where would we be without a good ol’ cuppa? Living abroad for so long can leave some a little home-sick… if only we had that comforting cuppa in hand!


Don’t get us started. Essentially it doesn’t exist over there. When you cross the Atlantic, the ‘chocolate’ gets much more bitter and MUCH less sweet and creamy. We were not amused.


We love looking at the vibrant colours on that cereal box when we’re moseying down shopping isles, heavily bugeting our groceries. But honestly, those cereal boxes scream ‘bad idea.’ There’s little hope of having a good start to the day unless we get our hands on the comforting breakfast cereals of home.

Roast dinner

There’s nothing like a few roast spuds, roast beef and lots of gravy. This is especially true when you haven’t had it for months and finally after returning home, mammy whips you up a fine dish because you’ve gone to nothing but skin and bone! Suddenly, you feel nourished, energetic, satisfied and alive once more!

Ice cream

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All summer long in that foreign heat and we didn’t even get an Iceberger, nor a Twister, a Choc Ice, a Calippo, a Cornetto or a Brunch. Life was not the same. After cheating on our nation’s favourite ice creams due to desperate attempts to cool off in the summer heat, we couldn’t even bring ourselves to finish eating the stuff they sell overseas. Nothing compares to the ice cream of home, the ones we’ve had since childhood. NOM.

A good fry

Those rashers, sausages, beans and black or white pudding do not exist over there. Certainly not the way we like it anyway! Lord knows what they tried to give us. Ew.


Brought to you by HB Ice cream.