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30th Aug 2017

Fitness blogger honestly captures the reality behind Instagram

We salute you!

Things are not always as they seem.

And this is particularly true when it comes to Instagram. The land of perfectly toned bodies, women on constant vacations and Gucci loafers. Sigh.

But one fitness trainer, who works hard to keep her body in shape (and looks fantastic), is after showing the world that things aren’t always as they appear. Even though she has a very toned physique, Chessie King believes that “posing, lightening and makeup” play a huge role and she’s right, nobody looks perfect 24/7 and that’s okay.


Chessie has been sharing these photographs on her social account for months telling the, “there wasn’t anyone on Instagram I could relate too and it didn’t help with my body confidence, for a 6ft girl who has always been a bigger build than my friends, I found the body shapes I saw on Instagram unrealistic & unachievable for me.”

“I want my Instagram to act as a support platform and for girls to see me as an older sister figure sharing my journey to help them” she added.

And it looks like she’s achieving her goal, with her posts inundated with comments of praise. Chessie is setting a new trend and we are all for it.


She even showed us how a quick touch up on an editing app can change your whole look.


“I wish I had smaller legs” “I wish I had bigger boobs” “I wish a flatter tummy” Put your hand up if you’ve thought at least one of the above? ??????(3 times because I’ve said them all). Well guess what, you CAN have all 3, without any hard work, any sense of achievement, all in the space of a few seconds & an editing app ? I’ve pumped up my melons & peach, slimmed down my legs & pulled in my tummy to show you how easy it is to do. YOU DON’T NEED big boobies or a huge bottom or a sucked in tummy to be amazing, it’s all about you as a person. It’s what’s going on in that head of yours & the energy that oozes out of you that matters. No matter how ‘confident’ I feel in my body, there’s always a teeny tiny voice in my head that comes through. If I looked at the photo on the left a year ago I would’ve seen chunky thighs & would’ve wished to look like the photo on the right BUT now I see strong, powerful thighs that can deadlift 90kg+. The body shape on the right is definitely achievable with hard work for some people but for others, like me, it’s unachievable. We just gatta accept that one of our legs is bigger than some people’s legs put together! A really important thing for me is that when people see me in real life, they see exactly what they say on here. If I edited my photos like the right, people would see me face to face & be like HELLLLL SHE DOUBLED IN SIZE (& got a boobiejob) So before you go ‘wishing’ you were that girl on instagram looking like the right photo, think about a few things… 1. She’s probably worked very hard for that hot bod. 2. Everybody is a different shape, some people, no matter how many times they workout a week & eat well won’t be able to get those proportions! 3. The photo could’ve been played with a little. Smoothed, edited, ‘touched up’… Disclaimer: My whole body is made out of popcorn & my thighs are clearly the hungriest part of me ??

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And discussed posture..


“It’s amazing how much we all compare ourselves, no matter how many times we say we shouldn’t… we’re all guilty, it’s human” she said in a post.

We salute you.