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18th Feb 2016

Female Sports Presenter Shows ‘Taster’ Of Digital Abuse Received After Tweeting Football Opinion

“The crime was being a woman and expressing an opinion.”


Being a woman in a male-dominated field is never going to be easy.

In the world of sports, we like to think female athletes, presenters or supporters are starting to be treated equally.

Unfortunately, BT Sport presenter Lynsey Hipgrave is proof that the problem of sexism is still all too real.

For anyone who’s not 100% sport literate, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez were at the centre of a controversial Barcelona penalty on Sunday.

Lynsey decided to voice her opinion on the matter, tweeting:

No problem right?

She’s a woman with an interest, who watched the game and wanted her say. Just like most other commentators would.

Except, she’s a woman – so she was instead inundated with some pretty horrific trolling:

*Warning – These tweets contain offensive language and some readers may be offended

Rather than allowing these bullies to air their opinions in private, Lynsey started retweeting them into her timeline.

While some deleted their tweets or accounts, others actually received numerous retweets and favourites… which is seriously concerning.

Explaining why she chose to expose the trolls, Lynsey wrote: