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26th May 2018

Female pilot absolutely bodied these sexist passengers when they made jokes about her

Jade Hayden

female pilot


Women are great at everything.

Everyone knows this.

From teaching to writing to being CEOs of multinational corporations, there isn’t anything that women can’t do.

… And that includes flying planes, clearly.

One woman who can definitely fly a plane is Charlotte from Twitter.

She’s an airline pilot who is, undoubtedly, very good at her job, and yet, she still finds the odd male passenger or two making jokes about the fact that she is a woman flying a plane.


She took to Twitter to say that some of her male passengers had made the following comments.

“I won’t make any jokes about female drivers then.”

“Are you the pilot? If I’d know that I wouldn’t have got on.”


How good of them.

Luckily for us though, Charlotte is a total queen and she takes no shit from no one.

This was her response, via Twitter:

Stunning display.

The pilot’s tweet has already racked up an impressive 90,000 likes and 12,000 retweets so, you know, people are clearly in agreeance with her.

She can fly that £80m jet and you can’t.


Lots of other people thought so too. Here’s what they had to say.

“My wife’s a pilot, every time she flies she gets a ‘well done dear’ or similar from holidaymakers. None of the troops she flew into Bastion or Kandahar felt the need to patronise her,” said one person.

“Well, if they don’t like women pilots they’re free to get off and walk,” said another.

Charlotte went on to explain that she originally didn’t think twice about the comments, until another crew member was annoyed by them.

She then says she wondered why it was considered normal.

Get it, girl.