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05th Feb 2016

Female British Airways Crew Have Won The Right To Wear Trousers

It's just common sense.

Ellen Tannam

It’s 2016 and up until today, female British Airways employees were not permitted to wear trousers while working. Ridiculous, we know.

A two-year dispute has come to an end, and all crew will now be allowed wear trousers if they choose, The Guardian reports.

The no-trousers rule had only applied to the new ‘mixed fleet’ of crew who had been employed under lesser terms since strikes that took place in 2011 and 2010.

Female crew were only exempt from wearing skirts on medical and religious grounds.

Matt Smith, regional officer for Unite trade union said:

‘British Airways’ stance was unbefitting of a modern airline in the modern age, and demonstrates that Unite will not allow cases like this to go unchallenged. Not only is the choice to wear trousers a victory for equality it is also a victory for common sense and testament to the organising campaign of our members.’

‘Female cabin crew no longer have to shiver in the cold, wet and snow of wintery climates, but also can be afforded the protection of trousers at destinations where there is a risk of malaria or the Zika virus.’

It’s about time.

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