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04th Jul 2017

Ex-policeman sets world record for largest collection of Hello Kitty merch

Orlaith Condon

The 67-year-old has accumulated quite the collection having spent over $250,000 on Hello Kitty merchandise.

Masao Gunji lives in Japan and has the largest collection of Hello Kitty memorabilia in the world with over 5,169 items to his name.

The collector, who is a former policeman, has spent over 30 years accumulating the merch with his wife and is now the proud owner of everything from Hello Kitty towels to motorcycle helmets.

Stored safely in his pink house, the home has become somewhat of a tourist destination for those in the area.

“Hello Kitty always cheered me up when I was unhappy,” he told the Guiness Book of World Records of his obsession with the toy.

Masao surpassed the previous record holder, fellow Japanese man, Asako Kanda who owned 4,519 items.