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28th Jul 2019

Everyone is howling at this cat’s reaction after a Dublin fireman rescues it from a tree

Less than impressed.

They said it themselves, it is a cliché… but a funny one at that. We’ve seen it in movies and on TV shows but we’ve never actually come across it in real life… until now.

Yesterday, the Dublin Fire Brigade Twitter shared a post about one of its firemen rescuing a cat from a rather tall tree.

It’s always heartbreaking to see an animal in need, however this little kitty didn’t look too happy about the man coming to save it.

Dublin Fire Brigade wrote: “It’s a cliché but we do assist animal rescue rescue organisations when, for example, longer ladders are required. The rescued animal normally looks a bit happier though.”

The fireman looks more scared of the cat than the cat of the fireman, if we’re honest…

Many followers of DFB found the picture absolutely hilarious and loads commented on it: