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22nd Jun 2018

This is what EVERYONE is buying in preparation for the heat wave

Olivia Hayes

Sun’s out, huns out.

Yes, the weather is meant to be absolutely unreeeal over the weekend and next week and we’re only dying to whip out our shorts and t-shirts again.

The good weather brings good spirits; and good spirits bring good plans, so it’s safe to say that most of us will be going out to have some fun in the sun and enjoy it while it lasts (unless you have to work, in that case, we’re very, very sorry).

However, those planning to have a ball while the temps are on the rise seem to already have shopped a bit.

According to Independent, Woodies DIY and Tesco has noticed a huge spike in certain items over the past couple of days, and it’s all down to the weather that’s on the way.

Woodies DIY is reporting that many seem to be planning to dine al fresco this weekend as there has been a huge spike in BBQs, garden furniture and outdoor paint.

Meanwhile, Tesco is reporting similar sales in BBQ meats, ice cream, salads, fruit, beer and cider. They have also seen a rise in summer clothes from its F&F clothing section, and sun cream from its cosmetics section.

While the weather will be suitably gorgeous this weekend, it’s set to be an absolute scorcher next week, with temps rising up to 28C and we cannot wait.