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30th Oct 2018

Dundrum Town Centre is putting on a 1920s party and we are SO there

Anna Daly

Brought to you by Dundrum Town Centre. 

Ever think you were living in the wrong decade?

Well, now you can experience the glamour and fashion of the 1920s with the (thankfully superior) shopping of now.

Dundrum are holding their annual Shop and Rock event this week and this time they are taking us back to the Roaring Twenties. There will be entertainment to rival even Gatsby’s parties. There will be Cabaret, aerial performers, orchestra music and a DJ set.

Performances won’t be the only thing going on either. There will, of course, be the full range of shopping opportunities on offer. Might as well get some shopping done too because the shops will be open until midnight and there will be MASSIVE bargains. It’s the perfect time to do a bit of early Christmas shopping.

Think about it. All of your Christmas gifts bought at the beginning of November. It’d be too good to be true.

The event starts at 6pm this Thursday, 1 November, and for any of you who are driving, there is a flat rate of €3 for the carparks for the whole event starting from 5pm. I mean, it would be rude not to go now.

Tara Stewart from 2FM will be manning the DJ booth on the night, the critically acclaimed Trinity Orchestra will be making an appearance, and there will be loads of other surprises.

The centre itself will be decked out to suit the theme and, if you want to go the whole hog, why not get dressed up 20s-style, long gloves and pearls galore. Sure, you’ll only look divine.

This is going to be one classy event.

Brought to you by Dundrum Town Centre