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03rd Mar 2018

Dublin Airport police rescue baby rabbit found freezing in the snow

He's safe and warm now

Olivia Hayes

The baby rabbit is safe and well.

Dublin Airport has uploaded a rather heartwarming video of a baby rabbit being saved on the airport runway.

The little lady was found in the middle of the snow, with nowhere to go, and was freezing with no water or food.

The airport police found him this morning, with a tweet from Dublin Airport saying: “A special rescue this morning by one of our Airport Police. This little fella was taken to safety & given food and heat.

“We’re happy to report he’s safe and well.”

In the video you can see the rabbit running over to the policeman, clearly in need of help.

We’re absolutely delighted the animal, who turned out to be a hare, is now warm and safe and is now staying with the staff member who found it.

Dublin Airport released a statement earlier today saying that it is trying it’s best to clear the snow and get as many flights out as possible.

Its website reads: “Dublin Airport is open and operational today with the first flight landing at about 5:00am this morning.

“Some airlines have cancelled services today and there may be delays to others. Please check with your airline for latest flight information before coming to Dublin Airport.

“Information regarding Aer Lingus’ schedule can be found HERE and Ryanair’s flight information can be found HERE.”