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01st Nov 2015

Don’t Worry You’re Not The Only One – ‘Hungover’ Is Currently Trending In Ireland…

Ah, good old Sunday morning.


Ah, good old Sunday morning.

There’s nothing quite like waiting up to the crisp freshness of a cool winter morning, with a spring in your step and a pep in your stride…


A likely story.

It turns out that on this day, the morning after the wild shenanigans of Halloween, Irish people are feeling more than just a little bit delicate in themselves.

So much so in fact, that ‘hungover’ is currently trending in Ireland (and sure isn’t it nearly 3 o’clock in the afternoon!).

It wasn’t just Irish people that were groaning when they opened their eyes this morning though, and Twitter as a community let out a grumbling sigh as they prepared to face their hangovers.