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24th Nov 2021

Dogs Trust share heartwarming clip of rescue dogs getting their first toys

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Our hearts.

Dogs Trust has just released the most heartwarming video you might ever see, and we need the world to see this one.

Showing a video of one of their puppy farms, the animal charity shared the clip of dogs receiving toys for the first time ever.

Earlier this month Dogs Trust Ireland announced their latest campaign, #EndPuppyFarming, and shared stories of the up to 130 victims from these farms that they had rescued this year.

“While the term ‘puppy farm’ may conjure images of fluffy puppies roaming free, nothing could be further from the truth. The condition of the dogs we took in was appalling. Their physical neglect and the pain many of them were in was shocking enough but their sheer terror and avoidance of humans is something that will stay with our team forever,” Executive Director of Dogs Trust Ireland, Becky Bristow said.

“When the dogs were discovered and when they arrived into our care, the silence was deafening, they were literally too afraid to bark or indeed make any sound at all. Even the sound of our footsteps approaching, had them running to hide and huddle together for comfort. It was absolutely heart breaking to witness.”

Sharing the video of the rescued dogs, we get to see them surprised with toys for the first time ever in their lifetime, and our hearts just can’t handle it at all.

Naturally getting a little nervous when the toys are first given, it doesn’t take long before the puppies are wagging their tails like crazy and immediately sniffing the toy out of curiosity.

You can watch the beautiful video of the puppies below: