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05th Oct 2015

Disney Is Working On Colouring Books… That Come To Life!

What a time to be alive!


What a time to be alive!

Disney, we officially bow before you.

Disney have just made our year and quite possibly, our life in general, a whole lot better this week as they have announced a new project that they’re working on.

And it’s frickin awesome.

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Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the super fun pastime that is colouring books, Disney have now combined the two into a gift that any child (or adult) would love.

Basically it will use the camera on a tablet to bring the character you’re colouring in to life on display on the device.


It will capture the real-time imagery, converting it into a 3D surface and basically just bringing even more magic into our lives.

While the app is currently in the testing phase, we’ve no doubt it’ll be a major hit once it hits the app store.


Video via YouTube/DisneyResearchHub