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15th Apr 2018

Dermot Bannon thinks you should always consider THIS when designing your home

Olivia Hayes

Listen up, people.

Dermot Bannon has revealed the one thing we all forget when designing a house, and since he’s the architectural master of Ireland, we’d definitely listen up.

If you’re like us and have watched nearly every episode of Room to Improve, you might think his piece of advice is about open plan kitchens and big windows, but nope… Dermot is here to warn us about storage space.

Speaking to Marian Finucane on RTÉ Radio 1 yesterday, Dermot said: “Storage is a massive thing in Ireland.  We don’t have enough of it.

“We have the good dining room and the good sitting room that we think we need but nowhere to put stuff like the schoolbags, gym gear, bikes.”

Moving onto how he comes across on the show, Dermot said: “For most people watching Room to Improve they think it’s about my ego and I want to get my way but it’s not.  What it is is I’ve listened to them intently at the beginning.

“What I do is I go into somebody’s life in my head – it’s like being an actor – and ask what do they do on Saturday mornings?  Where do they put the schoolbags?

“I am designing for them so sometimes you have to push them a little bit to say, ‘Honestly guys, listen to me about this’.”

Before finishing up with Marian, he added: “People come up to me and say, ‘Oh, your work is this, your work is that’, well you should see the work all the other architects are doing.  Sometimes I do feel slightly guilty because I’m one of the only architects on the telly but a lot of them do it better.”