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18th Aug 2020

Dealz launch Scandi-inspired homeware collection – and it’s dirt cheap

Jade Hayden

Zalde. Or, as it is otherwise known as, Dealz.

A while back, word of a new and entirely reasonable Scandi-inspired homeware brand arrived on the scene.

It was minimal, it was chic, and it was very, very cheap.

Today it was revealed that the lads behind the new and really quite nice range are none other than Dealz, who tricked social media users into wondering what this new ‘Zalde’ brand was all about.

They were so excited they were getting their words mixed up. Get it? You get it.

Anyway, Dealz and PEP&CO are launching their new homeware collection this Thursday (August 20), so if you were gasping for a few new bits for the gaff but thought you had to wait until payday, think again.

The new PEP&CO Home collection includes a number of contemporary and quirky bits, perfect bathrooms, bedrooms, and sitting rooms that might need a little extra love.

Included in the new range (with items starting from an entirely reasonable and Dealz classic of €1.50) are fake plants, vases, ornaments, candle holders, towels, storage boxes, cushions, and throws.

Here’s some of the range. Enjoy it, yeah?

Matching throw: €7

Plant pot: €4 

Faux plants: €1.50, €2, and €7 

Wooden look giraffe: €4

Velvet cushion: €7 

Cushion covers: €2.50

The new homeware range will be available in all Dealz stores across Ireland this Thursday.

“PEP&CO Home is a contemporary range, offering both quality and amazing value– from everyday items to the ornaments that bring the finishing touch to any room,” said Dealz’ Sharon Sheridan.

“And we know from our secret tests, customers are going to love the range, especially when they realise the value compared to other retailers.”

Value, indeed.

Now, how do I get my hands on one of those buddhas?