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04th Aug 2015

Cork Person Disposes Of Sex Toy Packaging – But Does NOT Think Things Through

We really hope they don't have elderly neighbours.

Megan Cassidy

We all know what it’s like to get overly excited about a new purchase.

However, it seems this poor Cork person lost the run of themselves completely in anticipation of their shiny new sex toy.


In their haste, they failed to dispose of the box in the proper way (painted over, in a plastic bag, in a paper bag, in a BLACK bin bag – of course.)

bin bags

Nope, this saucy so-and-so aired their private business in full view of passersby – disposing of the ‘Ultimate Rabbit Vibe’ box in a see-through bin bag.

bin bags 2

We just hope they don’t have elderly neighbours.

H/T to our bros at for this one.