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19th Apr 2016

Nate Diaz and John Kavanagh add to the McGregor retirement rumours

Goner McGregor???

Ellen Tannam

Conor McGregor has a pretty wild time of it lately.

After his brutal defeat against Nate Diaz last month, he’s been on social media chatting away about how he’s training up to face him again in July.

However in a tweet posted from his account on Tuesday evening, it would seem as though he’s sick of the entire thing and wants to give it all up at his young age, spending the rest of his days writhing around in piles of cash.

We don’t buy this one somehow, as he is a known messer.

Some people seem to believe him though, and they’ve reacted badly.

His previous tweet was a statement about training in Iceland, so pinch of salt, people.

Now both Diaz and McGregor’s Coach John Kavanagh have had their say.

This is getting juicy.