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27th Oct 2018

Can’t orgasm from penetration? Finding your A-spot could be the key

Do you know how to find it?

Do you know where on your body you might find your anterior fornix?

Do you even know what it is?

OK – cards on the table; we don’t either. But we’re here to educate ourselves (and you) about it for the good of orgasms everywhere.

The anterior fornix, or A-spot, is worth getting to know because it could make your sex life a lot more interesting.

The A-spot is located quite deep in the vaginal canal, about two or three inches beyond the G-spot and above the cervix.

A 1997 study showed that stimulation of this area caused self-lubrication in 77.5 per cent of participants and brought 39.1 per cent of the participants to orgasm – or in plain English it made quite a few women come and made a lot of women wet.

Can't orgasm from penetration? Finding your A-spot could be the key

Malaysian physician Chua Chee Ann, the researcher on the study (yep – somehow this was his job) recommended using one finger curved slightly upwards in a stroking motion to stimulate the A-spot, though the use of a toy or penis would of course also help.

“Positions that shorten the vagina (legs brought closer to the abdomen or chest) can help penetrating partners find the spot more easily,” sexpert Glamazon Tyomi told Vice.

“I also recommend the ‘planking’ position as a way to locate the spot easily.”

Many women struggle to come from ordinary vaginal penetration or find it uncomfortable to have lots of pressure on their G-spot, so finding your A-spot could be a good way around this.

It also kind of goes without saying, but patience and taking it easy are key here.

Deep, heavy penetration can be painful so take your time and feel things out if you decide to give this a go.