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21st Dec 2023

‘Would it be wrong to cancel my mother’s flight home for Christmas?’

Anna Martin

cancel flight christmas

Meeting up with family at Christmas is usually part of the magic

Yet sometimes there are people you rather didn’t make the effort to come and see you, usually for a good reason.

This is what one Reddit user is trying to figure out after his mother who was due to visit him this year made comments about his partner.

Now he’s trying to figure out what to do.

Explaining the situation, the mystery man wrote: “My mother booked a €318 flight to come visit me and my girlfriend for the holidays.

'Would it be wrong to cancel my mother's flight home for Christmas?'
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“This would be her first time meeting my girlfriend and we made plans to get dinner with her family on her last night in town. Today, my mom called to express her concerns about common-law marriage in Texas (my girlfriend and I live together) and accused her of trying to manipulate me to gain control of my assets.

“This upset me since she has never met my girlfriend and barely knows anything about her. I called her crazy and she asked me to cancel her flight, but then backtracked when she realized she couldn’t get a refund or credit.

“She requested that I kick my girlfriend out of our house for the duration of her stay, and said that she would not meet her parents as originally planned.”

Though they were upset, the poster’s other half did offer to leave so that she wouldn’t drive a wedge between mother and son.

Yet after his mum’s negative attitude, the Redditor has decided he doesn’t want to see his mother at all.

'Would it be wrong to cancel my mother's flight home for Christmas?'
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“I don’t want to deal with my mom’s drama if she did come and I also don’t want to make my girlfriend leave. If I cancel her flight, I will send her back the €180 she gave me for Christmas.

“So would it be wrong if I cancel my mom’s flight before Christmas, knowing that she wouldn’t get a full refund and has already taken the days off work?”

Well, it seems that most of Reddit was on his side as one commented: “Your mom is acting insane. Asking that your GF be kicked out is a huge overstep and very disrespectful to your relationship.”

Another seemed to agree adding: “Your mom is unhinged if she thinks for one minute it’s ok to ask someone to leave their own home so you can visit.”

“Do it. Cancel her flight. I don’t know if it’s jealousy or what, but do not let her undermine your relationship,” wrote a third.