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17th Nov 2021

You can now buy a Christmas tree bed for your pet

It’s what they deserve.

If you have a cat in your house, then you’re probably familiar with the perils of decorating for Christmas.

You select your tree from the lot, carefully bring it home and, after decorating it tastefully with thoughtfully chosen ornaments and lights, you get to bask in its beauty.

Your beloved pet, however, sees it a little differently.

To your cat, your Christmas tree is one giant toy with hundreds of mini toys attached to it, and they are intent on bringing it down.

Of course, there are ways around this. You can always opt to keep your cat outside of the living room, or you can try and distract them with other means.

However, if you’re keen to include your pet with the festivities this year, then these tree-shaped cat caves from Amazon should be on your list.

As well as being an adorable place for your furry friend to have a cheeky nap, these guys will be right at home among your seasonal decor.

The cat cave is designed in such a way that cold air can’t get in meaning that your kitty can stay nice and cosy as they dream. The inside is made from soft plush and elastic sponge, so your pet’s comfort is pretty much guaranteed. On top of that, the bottom is made from waterproof Oxford cloth fabric, so it shouldn’t scratch your floors.

The dimensions for this Christmassy bed come in at 16 by 16 by 20 inches – ideal for cats, rabbits and small dogs, or essentially any animal that weighs less than 20 pounds.

And, if you’re worried about accidents, fear not. The cat cave can go in the washing machine in a gentle cycle on low heat.

The cat bed is currently on sale on Amazon for €29.50. For more information, head to the product’s page right here.