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22nd May 2015

Cadbury Reveal New Flavour in Roses

It sounds amazing

Rebecca McKnight

A new flavour is going to be added to Cadbury Roses and it sounds delicious!

According to The Mirror the chocolate giant is making a number of changes to Roses and a new flavour is one of them.

The new treat is called Almond Caramel Bite – we love all of those words individually so together, it’s got to be good.

There will also be some other changes to our favourite tub of chocolates. As well as a smaller container, the wrappers are being revamped (from foil twist to “flow wrap”).

Speaking about the changes, Cadbury marketing manager Benazir Barlet-Batada said: “We’re constantly evolving our much-loved Cadbury products to deliver the most delicious taste experience for consumers.

“The new Cadbury Roses design is in direct response to consumer demand – we’re confident the changes will be incredibly well received.”