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20th Jan 2018

‘Bullshitcallerouter’ Aoibhinn taken to hospital as account is SHUT down

'The prognosis isn't good'

Olivia Hayes


She started a widespread movement.

At the beginning of the month, an Instagram page called @Bullshitcallerouter was set up in Ireland, detailing how bloggers and ‘influencers’ deceived their fans with photoshop, fixed competitions and faked posts.

Within days it amounted thousands of followers, with its current tally at 61,400.

In the weeks since it was set up, it targeted the likes of SoSueMe, The MakeUpFairy, Rosie Connolly and Pippa O’Connor.

Earlier this week, it became apparent that because of the influx of DMs, the founder, only known as Aoibhinn, wasn’t able to keep on top of the messages and comments, and so handed it over to users, who go by the initials S, F and G.

However, this afternoon the account shared a post saying that ‘Aoibhinn’ was taken to hospital last night.

It reads: “Our friend ‘Aoibhinn’ was taken into hospital yesterday. The prognosis isn’t good.

“She handed over this page to us on Wednesday knowing her health was deteriorating.”

They then added that the page will shut down.

“This page will close until further notice. Thanks for listening. S, F &G.”

Many are commenting and wishing Aoibhinn well, while others are praising her for getting this movement started in Ireland.