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13th Nov 2020

Bride complains wedding dress looks “nothing like order” before realising she had it on inside out

Cassie Stokes

“You put the dress on inside out, please put it on the right way.”

We’ve all heard horror stories about ordering things online and they arrive to your house looking a lot different to what you thought you ordered.

When ordering online, size matters. Most of the time people order things and they arrive a lot smaller than they looked in the pictures. We’ve all been there. My lesson was when I ordered a bean bag and it was less for me and more for my phone.

Anyway, this is a story about a woman who ordered her wedding dress online to find out that it was nothing like what she ordered. Or so she thought.

The bride took to Facebook and “sent an angry email to the company wanting to return it. I took pictures of me in the dress telling them it looked nothing like what I had ordered.”

Two weeks ago my wedding dress came in. I was really upset about the looks of it and sent an angry email to the company…

Posted by Deux Aubrey on Wednesday, 4 November 2020

The email was accompanied with pictures of her in the dress she deemed nothing like the photos.

The company then got in touch with the bride and pointed out that she had, in fact, put the dress on wrong.

“I received this response from the company: ‘You put the dress on inside out, please put it on the right way’.

“Who knew that they shipped wedding dresses inside out? The dress actually turned out beautiful.”

“Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much school we put behind us,” she went on. “We’re still going to lack common sense , like how to put clothes on properly.”

Let this be a lesson for trying on clothes you buy online: if they’re the right size, then try them on every which way you can before you send the Very Angry Email.