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29th Apr 2016

Booking flights? Make sure you don’t make this costly mistake

Such a waste...

Rebecca Keane

 Las Vegas looks like an absolute dream.

Sin City is known for its casinos, bright lights, luxury resorts, and continuous parties. That’s probably why it attracts so many tourists, wanting to have a time that they’ll never forget.


This couple were ready to jet off to Las Vegas, but didn’t quite make it all the way there.

As part of her boyfriend, Ben Marlow’s 30th birthday present, Richella Heekin booked flights to Las Vegas costing €1545 (£1200) using however, was a little haphazard while selecting the destination.

Heekin booked the flights as a surprise for Marlow, so when the couple had arrived at Birmingham Airport, England, they were informed the flights they had booked were in fact, departing from Birmingham Alabama, in the United States. CRINGE.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Marlow said:

“When we turned up at the airport we couldn’t find the flight details anywhere. We approached one of the desks and they told us our holiday was booked from Alabama.

“I was gutted – more for my partner than for me. She had told everyone and she was really upset.

“She was distraught and we didn’t know what to do.”

Unfortunately, they were told there was no refund available and they chose to go to Amsterdam instead.

Not an entirely happy ending but still.