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02nd Apr 2019

We are in BITS watching this firefighter rescue a trapped puppy

Olivia Hayes

Just LOOK at him when he gets rescued!

In adorable news that will cheer you up and might even bring a tear to your eye today, we’ve spotted a firefighter rescue a dog and we are in bits. BITS.

North Charleston Fire Department in the US shared a video on Twitter of one of its members saving a dog from a pile of rocks.

It’s unclear how he ended up trapped underneath the rubble, but he can be heard whimpering in fear and it’s just heartbreaking.

A gang of bikers alerted the rescue team and they were able to remove the rocks and pull the pup out.

When they pupper is set free, he is so relieved he starts licking the face of the firefighter who rescued him. It’s SUCH a lovely moment, even an ice cold heart would melt.

Just another reason why dogs are the angels of the earth, really.