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03rd Apr 2023

Baz and DIY SOS local heroes come to the rescue of seriously injured firefighter

Clodagh McKeon

Pa Berry is nothing but “inspiring”

It was another emotional episode of DIY SOS last night. It saw host Baz Ashmawy visit Pa Berry and his family in Athlone.

In October 2021, Pa suffered a catastrophic injury as a member of Athlone Fire Brigade and his story and how he told it, moved the entire nation last night.

The young father of three almost died when during a house fire call out as the gable wall collapsed on top of him.

The family who lived in the house were thankfully not at home at the time, but the fire caused serious damage.

When the house collapsed on him, Patrick (Pa) suffered 11 fractured vertebrae, a broken collarbone, broken shoulder blade and several broken ribs.

He also broke two bones in his lower leg and his ankle.

Throughout the show, we see Pa in rehab working hard to recover from his injuries which is nothing short of heroic.

He was described as “inspiring” and “courageous” during the show.

Over the hour long show, viewers were introduced to a number of team members who were focused on making the family home more accessible to Pa in his recovery journey.

Leonie the garden designer was all about sections.

Whereas, gaffer Richie was in control of the deadlines. He brought the strict teacher vibe to the team which we love.

However, the real heroes of the show were the people of Athlone.

They put their time and effort into making Pa’s family home into a beautiful space with the correct facilities to let him recover.

That’s the power of DIY SOS, it shows the kindness of ordinary people and how they can work together and achieve brilliant things.

Host Baz has a talent when it comes to navigating through difficult conversations.

His gentleness and empathy is incredible especially with children and the most recent episode really highlights that.

It really pulled on the heart strings when he spoke to Pa’s children.

Yesterday, Baz posted a series of photos updating his Instagram followers on the next DIY adventure.

It showed Pa and his family, the volunteers and the RTE team.

He wrote: “Fire fighters are such selfless people. It was amazing to see people come out in force after Pa Berry’s accident. To come and help not just him but his whole family.

“To get them all back on their feet. Nicky his wife is an unbelievable woman. His children Kai, Rayna and nova are all amazing and so good to their dad.

“Thank you to all the unbelievable volunteers who came to save the day for a man who spent everyday saving other people.

“God bless you all. Thanks x.”

We’re really enjoying season four of DIY SOS but the tears are flowing watching every episode.


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