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12th Dec 2012

Best You Ever Had? Not Likely! Women Go for Stability Over Raw Sex Appeal

According to some new research, most women don't marry a man who they consider to be the best-sex-of-their-life. Yes, we were shocked too...


If your man thinks that he’s the best-you-ever-had, ahem, it’s probably best if you don’t show him the following. According to some new research, the vast majority of us womenfolk don’t tend to marry the man that we have the best-sex-ever with (yes, we were surprised too).

A recent study conducted by iVillage discovered that less than half of married women describe their husband as being the best sex they ever had. In fact, 52 per cent of the women surveyed confessed that an ex was actually better in bed than their current spouse!

As part of the research, iVillage surveyed 2,000 married women (some of which had children and some who were childless). Of this number, 66 per cent of women admitted that they would rather read a book (Fifty Shades how are ya?), watch a movie or take a nap than get jiggy with their hubby.

However, the surprising thing is that, according to the survey, most married women were actually happy with the lack of passion and the ‘boring’ appearance of their sex life.

Sorry boys, we’re sure this is difficult information for you to process!

“The iVillage study shows that not all housewives are desperate – surprisingly they are quite content and fulfilled with their predictable sex lives. Perhaps that’s because sex is not a priority when it comes to personal time,” said iVillage editor Liz Zack.

“Today’s married women lead such busy lives that they consider rest and relaxation a better self-indulgence,” she added.

Likewise, sex therapist Sari Cooper told the New York Post that she sees lots of women who are concerned that their husbands don’t match up to the sexual experiences they had in the past with other lovers. However, Ms Cooper explains:

“Your best sexual relationship has likely been with the person who was most unstable and most volatile, but was very passionate. That’s like riding a roller coaster. That’s passion. But if you have a family, riding a roller coaster isn’t that great for kids.”