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02nd Sep 2017

We’re pretty sure we just found the best tent at Electric Picnic

It will take something really special to beat this.

Rory Cashin

It will take something really special to beat this.

In case you’re not one of the lucky ones in attendance – or are blissfully unaware until right this second – Electric Picnic is happening this weekend, with the revellers in attendance enduring the very mixed weather and the increased likelihood of catching an STI (no, we’re not joking), but all in the name of some great music, which may or may not include a special guest appearance by none other than Drake.

The Her, JOE and SportsJOE teams got down there on Friday night to prep for a weekend of fun and festivities, so be sure to check out their live shows live from the Picnic over the weekend:

Anyways, you’re here because of that headline, and we intend to follow through on it.

The Her team was voyaging across the site this morning when they happened across this absolute beauty of a tent. It is practically beyond our powers of description, and they probably should have sent a poet to properly narrate this creation’s brilliance.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you… the VW Camper Van Tent!

That’s it.

Attempt to continue about your day, pretending you haven’t just been shook to you very core, knowing that somewhere out there, someone is sleeping in a VW Camper Van tent, and that that somebody isn’t you.

Ultimate sad face emoji.