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08th Dec 2023

‘Am I wrong for not banning strawberries from my wedding cake?’

Anna Martin

wedding cake

Weddings are meant to be all about you and your other half

Yet if someone has a food allergy, how much would you be willing to compromise on your cake? Especially when it’s one of your favourite foods.

That’s what one Redditor is trying to figure out as they were called selfish by family members for their decision.

Explaining the situation the mystery woman wrote: “I’m getting married next year. I love strawberries and I want some on my wedding cake.

“My plan is to have a four-tier cake where the bottom two are completely separate entities with different flavours and the top two are lemon/strawberry.

wedding cake
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“My mother is mildly allergic to strawberries. Will have a headache and a mild rash if she eats one but is fine with eating food that has touched strawberries.”

Yet despite the separation of the tiers, the woman’s mother isn’t happy and has been making “passive-aggressive comments”.

“I explained to her that she is more than free to eat the other two cakes, they will be entirely strawberry-free, aren’t even touching the top cake and more importantly, my mother has diabetes and won’t be eating more than a small slice to begin with,” she explained.

Despite having her fiance on her side, it doesn’t seem that the poster has much other support as her father has taken her mother’s side.

Now the poster is wondering if she’s actually being unreasonable.

Well, despite not having many people on her side at home, the Reddit community rallied around her.

wedding cake
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“You’re not wrong, she’s making it seem like the most important aspect of this day is her ability to eat, or not eat, cake,” penned one.

“Your wedding, your cake, your strawberries. Enjoy your day and have an extra piece of cake for me,” commented another.

A third added: “Your mom is unhinged. There is cake for her to enjoy. I don’t even remember the cake from my own wedding. I would not give in to her tantrum.”