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16th Aug 2019

Baby hippos are adorable slimy sweethearts and we will love them til the end of time

baby hippo

When you think of cute animals, what do you think of?

Puppies? Bunnies? Penguins that are small and fluffy and that waddle?

Yeah us too really.

Not only traditionally adorable animals are adorable though, as we have previously learned via the intense cuteness that is the pygmy goat and the sweet little baby donkey. 

There’s another baby animal that recently slid onto our radar though and he is the probably the smallest, slickest, slimiest thing we have ever seen.

Behold, the baby hippo.

A baby pygmy hippo giving some awws

Look at him there, in all his adorable hippo glory.

Slimy, yet sleek.

Baby hippo

Pudgy, yet a glorious shape.

A momma hippo “booping” a baby

Innocent, yet totally aware of how perfect he is.

Baby Hippo


Baby hippos can often by confused with the pygmy hippo due to their size and general adorable nature.

The pygmy hippo is different to the regular hippo in that it is smaller and generally more reclusive and quiet.

Just a baby dwarf hippo to ease your Monday woes.

However, like the normal hippo, the pygmy also spends a lot of time in water to keep his skin nice and sleek and to keep himself cool.

Most of the time, the pygmy will be hanging out in rivers, which would account for his shine and pleasant demeanour.

Baby hippo loves you no matter what

What a lad.