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03rd Apr 2019

Baby fox rescued after getting stuck in wall hopefully reunited with mother

Jade Hayden

baby fox

“We decided to call him Ian.”

A baby fox who was rescued after getting trapped in a wall in London is now waiting to hopefully be reunited with his mother.

The fox, who has since been named ‘Ian’, was saved by the London Fire Brigade yesterday when he was discovered stuck in a wall cavity near Kensington.

Ian was left in a box with a note in the hope that the baby’s mother would come back for him.

Kensington Blue Watch Manager Scott Magdalani said the fox was unharmed during the rescue.

“We decided to call him Ian after Firefighter Ian Broomfield who is retiring in a few days time,” he said.

“The RSPCA advised us to leave Ian in a box with some water as his mother will be most likely come back and look for him.

“I went back after work and saw that the box had gone. I rang an emergency vet to see if anyone had taken Ian into them. They said no and it was most likely that the mother had come back from him just as the RSPCA had said.”

It later transpired that the Mama Cat Trust animal rescue had picked up the baby fox after a concerned member of the public called them.

The fox is now in their care, however it is unlikely that he will see his mother again.